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Global Citizen Forum
One of the main events of the year on the political scene was annual Global Citizen Forum, which in this year took place in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort in Monaco.The event was held to educate, promote and encourage the idea of global civil society. Contributing in support and development of such ideas made shadow theater "Fireflies" from Ukraine. Being as invited guests group showed their view on the problem of man in our time, thereby stating that we are living in difficult times, when factors such as morality and humane treatment have lost their power, giving personal principles and ambitions. Team of shadow theater «Fireflies» presented the honorary guests of the event, a touching story on the theme of refugees from Syria, which literally covered the countries of Europe. In our performance, the team with the help of the interaction of their bodies and light showed on the one hand - the price of a human life, the other - the desire and will to live. The work was evaluated by such world politicians as Kofi Annan - seventh UN Secretary, Irina Bokova - Director General of UNESCO, Jos Manuel Barroso - former Prime Minister of Portugal and 11th President of the European Commission, Kenny Anthony - The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Gaston Browne - The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda General Wesley K. Clark - the Supreme Allied Commander in retirement, as well as many others.
April 2015 – Ukrainian ceremony "Heroes of the sport year - 2014"
On April 8, Kyiv National Academic Theatre of Operetta held ceremony of awarding the best Ukrainian athletes, the "Heroes of the sport year - 2014". The ceremony was held at the initiative of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, was attended by Olympic champions, sports legends, coaches, culture and arts. Awarding honors accompanied concert with famous Ukrainian performers (Elyria, Man Sound and others.), As well as the performance of shadow theater Fireflies with patriotic statement of "I'm - Ukrainian!".
April 2015 – Show Shadow Space - for the first time in Kiev and two concerts in Chernigov!
April 29 in Kiev ICCC "October Palace" will premiere show shadow play Fireflies called «Shadow Space»! Semifinalists talent show "Ukraine Got Talent" for the first time to perform in Kiev with full-length shadow show. The concert will be divided into two parts: the first will be provided directly from the shadow show Fireflies, the second - a musical show from the Kiev Symphony Orchestra Lords of the Sound called "tango". The total duration of the show is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Beginning at 19:00.
April 18 Shadow theater Fireflies give two concerts in his native Chernigov! The show will be held in the City Palace of Culture "Chemists" at 16:00 and 19:00.
«Shadow space» - is an exciting journey into the world of shadows. In a mysterious space may be the most amazing adventures, there is a place to any fantasies. In unexplored planets human shadows live different exciting life. All of them are part of the fantasy world called «Shadow space». Show program «Shadow space» surprised not only shadow but also neon show, theater of hands, acrobatics and sand animation.
April 2015 – The first performance of shadow theater in Bulgaria
April 4 Bulgarian audience first saw the shadow theater performance live - at the National Palace of Culture Sofia performed Ukrainian shadow theater Fireflies with his shadow show «Shadow Space». Organized by «Degris Events», a concert attended by over a thousand people. Despite the fact that the show of this genre was held in Bulgaria for the first time, the public did not remain indifferent to the representation of artists and met with a standing ovation and positive feedback.
March 2015 – Shadow theater Fireflies presented his shadow show "Shadow Space" in western Ukraine
28, 29 and 30 March shadow theater Fireflies warmly greeted spectators from western Ukraine. Theatre for the first time presented their show «Shadow Space» in Radiviliv, Lutsk and Ternopil. In the last show tickets was sold out. Tickets for the concert Fireflies, which took place in Ternopil Drama Theater, were sold more a week before the show. Radiviliv and Lutsk also pleased with the almost complete halls and no less warm audience. The highlight of the show have become interactive with audience participation from the audience. Selected randomly lucky ones managed for a few minutes to look behind the scenes and participate in the creation of shadow figures. Also part of the proceeds from the sale of tickets for the concert of Ternopil was transferred to the charitable organization "Pravo chestі", which provides assistance to families of fallen soldiers of ATO.
Photo: Vitalyi Finkovyak
March 2015 – Banca Mediolanum convention
Shadow theater Fireflies has already well-proven in many European events. On the 5th of March'15 it was the first time artists visited with the performance Pesaro - one of the Italian cities. Team presented it's exclusive shadow performance in the Convention of one of the largest Italian bank - Banca Mediolanum. Event took place in Adriatic Arena stadium with the audience of more than 10 thousand people.
December 2014 –RWANGA Awards 2014
Annual awards ceremony RWANGA Awards took part on 14th of December in the capital of Kurdistan – Erbil. Organized by the Rwanga Foundation.This award celebrates the best competitive works of young people from all regions of Kurdistan in such areas as literature, photography, science, education, etc. Creative decoration of ceremony was the presentation of shadow show by the actors of theatre Fireflies. Also it should be noted that the fund Rwanga Foundation is engaged in the active helping the most vulnerable people of Kurdistan in the areas of health, education and environmental protection.
November 2014 - Talent show Das Supertalent (Germany), Season 8
On November 15 on the German TV channel RTL started broadcast of the eighth episode of the German talent show Das Supertalent, which was attended by a team of shadow theater Fireflies. This is the fourth British television talent show format Got talent for Fireflies. In Germany a similar show there since 2007. Project participants in this year's estimate in addition to well-known to all Dieter Bohlen, soloist once existing popular band Modern Talking, model and television host Lena Gercke, designer Guido Maria Kretschmer and an American choreographer and model Bruce Darnell. Shadow theater worthy represented Ukraine in the European show and showed the audience and judges their work "Save the Earth!", Which has won accolades jury and audience applause.
Performance of the theater of shadows Fireflies on the show Das Supertalent: http://www.clipfish.de/special/supertalent/video/4144376/supertalent-2014-willi-the-huhn-faellt-bei-der-jury-durch/
November 2014 - The charity concert of the shadow theater Fireflies in support of Chernigov soldiers fighting in the area of ATO
November 1 in Taras Shevchenko Chernihiv Regional Academic Music and Drama Theatre was held long-awaited premiere of the show from semifinalists of project "Ukraine’s Got Talent" shadow theater Fireflies! Chernigov audience could see the first hour program called «Shadow space». «Shadow space» - is an exciting journey into the world of shadows. In a mysterious space may be the most amazing adventure, there is a place in any fantasies. Into uncharted planets human shadows live different exciting life. All of them are part of the fantastic world called «Shadow space». The show was supported by the National Technological University of Chernigov. All proceeds from the ticket sales will be directed for the needs of participants ATO.
October 2014 - International Festival of folk theaters and amateur art JoyFest
October 11 Shadow theater Fireflies acted as invited guests at the International Festival of folk theaters and amateur art JoyFest, which took place in Kyiv in the Art Laboratory "Dovzhik." The second consecutive year the festival gathered folk theater groups, as well as young artists and photographers from different regions of Ukraine and all over the world. The festival had theatrical performances, photo and art exhibitions, workshops. The aim of the festival is the development and recognition of folk art in all its manifestations. At the end of the festival program competent jury on behalf of representatives of the organizing committee, actors and directors of Kiev theaters, artists and cultural studies determined the winners of the festival in different nominations.
September 2014 - the final gala show European Championship of Muay Thai 2014
On September 28, Krakow (Poland), at the stadium Krakow Arena hosted the final gala show European Championship of Muay Thai 2014 which became part of the video work of shadow theater Fireflies! Thanks to the organizers of the event, Fireflies managed to try a new format of work and create multiple video productions in the style of shadow theater to the event. One of them was devoted to the history of Krakow, and the second - the development of the martial art of Muay Thai. Assistance in creating these works give the president and coach of the sports club Flight Of Fighters Gym Nikita Vlasov and his disciples. Shadow theater Fireflies expresses its gratitude and congratulates Ukrainian team on winning the championship!
Video works can be found on the links:
The history of Krakow - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JahXQXAsHqU
History of Muay Thai - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0iFJ7yYOGA
September 2014 - Competition of social animation in the the International festival of actual animation and media arts LINOLEUM 2014
From 4 to 28 September in Kiev passed the International festival of actual Animation and Media Arts LINOLEUM 2014. It held a contest of social animation. The contest was held with the support of Elena’s Pinchuk fund "ANTIAIDS", the theme for the works was selected appropriate - "Love Kills!". Such a competition was held for the first time in the festival LINOLEUM (which has existed for 9 years) in order to attract attention to the actual problem - AIDS and its transmission paths. Team of Shadow theater Fireflies created for a contest themed video clip called "Deadly Love", which was chosen by the organizers and the jury as a winner. Fireflies were awarded the main money prize - $ 3,000 for the purchase of equipment and software for the further development of creativity.
Winning works can be viewed at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0IgFuA_zU0
August 2014 - Kiev Beer Fest
August 28 Shadow theater Fireflies pleased with its performance guests of the Kiev Beer Fest, which was held at the National Complex "Expocentre of Ukraine". Despite the cloudy cool weather the festival had an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. Performance of the shadow theater made its flavor in the cultural program of the event. Everyone who came to the ”VDNH” could attend National Fair of beer where people were given the opportunity to try more than 100 sorts of beer from the famous beer brands. Well, of course not without a huge number of high-quality Ukrainian music. At the festival you could hear such well-known and loved by many groups as Grajdanin topinambur, Antityla, MedHeds, Tartak, Scryabin and many others.
July 2014 - Festival "Krayina Mriy"
5 and 6 July Kyiv park "Feofanyya" welcomed the participants and guests of ethno-festival "Krayina Mriy" which permanent ideological inspirer has been many years leader of group "VV" Oleg Skrypka. In this year at the festival as always was a lot of music, entertainments, handicrafts and the natural Ukrainian flavor. Because of the festival is musical on the most stages could heart such music bands as "VV" cabaret band "Serebryanaya Svadba", "Perkalaba», «The Viyo" and many others. Great addition to the cultural program of the festival was a half-hour play Shadow theater Fireflies on the main stage. Audience were able to travel back in the depths of space and enjoy the charm of Paris, to think about the problems of the protection of nature... And of course the audience appreciated the play "I am Ukrainian!" which the participants of the theater set beautiful patriotic point in their play.
June 2014 - Opening of the VIII International Festival "The Psychology of the third millennium"
June 1 in the village Ol'ginka (Krasnodar region) on the basis of the health center "Orbita" took place the grand opening of the VIII International Festival of practical psychology "Psychology of the third millennium." For five days, the festival guests had the opportunity to visit the meditations, master classes of the guests and leading specialists of the "P3000", individual counseling, cultural activities, etc. Besides the presentations by distinguished speakers, artists and spiritual leaders, in the opening ceremony was attended by the creative teams of the musical group and the Shanti People band and shadow theater Fireflies. The latter in turn presented the guests of the festival play "Save the Earth!". Problems of ecology and nature protection, shown through the arts of shadow under the famous song by Michael Jackson can’t left indifferent spectators of the event.
Video from the opening of the festival is available on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri6d08Xlo3Q
July 2013 - Ethnic festival «Pіdkamіn», Pidkamin.
For the sixth time the organizers of the mass ethnic festival of Ukraine «Pіdkamіn» pleased us thematic days on the theme of Ukrainian culture. The event is held in the Lviv region under the legendary stone. At this festival you can attend master classes, try national Ukrainian dishes, enjoy the performances of many music bands, such as: Astarte (Kiev), Svyata Vatra (Estoniya) Komu vnuz (Kiev), Tartak (Lutsk), and many others. On the main stage of the festival Shadow theater «Fireflies» also had the opportunity to present their work, one of them was the play in the spirit of the festival called «I’m – Ukrainian!». The half-hour program shadow theater looked quite contrasting against the performing musical groups and thereby gained great interest of the public.
July 2013 - The opening ceremony of Odessa International Film Festival IV, Odessa.
At the opening ceremony of the 4th OMKF, which took place July 12, 2013 at the Odessa Opera House, the audience was presented with members of the International Jury of competitive programs and movies. Bright accent of the evening was the awarding of the first «Golden Duke» of the 4th Odessa Film Festival. Under the rough applause of the public at the Opera House stage went up guest of honor of the festival - Emir Kusturica. During the opening ceremony, which was conducted by Masha Efosinina and Alexei Sukhanov, everyone who came out on stage had a limited brief and vigorous speech. The last time, considering that the festival was held in the spirit of the times of Charlie Chaplin, play of the theater was about his trip to Odessa. In the same year, the team prepared a new play specifically for the event, titled «Story about Director».
May 2013 - Final of Ukrainian beauty contest «Miss Blonde», Kiev.
On the last day of May all blondes of the world have a professional holiday. On the eve of this event, shadow theater «Fireflies» as guests took part in the nationwide beauty contest «Miss Blonde Ukraine 2013". Of the invited guests were shocking Monroe and Valeria Kruk, singer Kamaliya, the group «Payuschie trusi», the ballet «Va-Bank», and of course the heros of the occasion - the most beautiful blondes of the country. The organizer and inspirer of the event was a singer and one of the most bright blondes in Ukraine - Oksana Voyage. Everything took place in the Kiev concert hall «Freedom». Shadow theater «Fireflies» has demonstrated its performance called «Fashion», which is very harmoniously fit the concept of beauty contest «Miss Blonde Ukraine 2013».
About the event on the portal site of Journalists and Bloggers http://unuj.org: http://unuj.org/ru/obshchestvo-i-shoubiz/item/2192-v-stolitse-vyibrali-smiss-blonde-ukraines-2013.html
April 2013 - Concert of the dance school «Premier-ballet», Chernigov.
Spring in Chernigov truly be called a dance season of the year. In the spring passes a large number of different dance competitions and festivals, experienced choreographers and dancers are more likely to come from the master classes ... Well, of course it's time to reporting concerts of the pupils of dance schools in the city. With the head of one of them, namely the dance school «Premier-ballet», Shadow Theater «Fireflies» for quite a long time, maintains friendly relations. It is therefore not surprising that t he actors of the theater gladly accepted the invitation to perform at the concert «Premier-ballet» the City Palace of Culture. As the famous guests dance to the concert were invited participants of the project «So You Think You Can Dance, Ukrainian version» different seasons: Alexander and Martha Gerashchenko, Chisato Ishikawa, Makar Kilivnik.
April 2013 - Charity recital to raise funds for children with cancer for the National Children's Specialized Hospital «OHMADET», Kiev, RIIA.
April 25 Shadow Theatre «Fireflies» became part of a great social initiative to raise funds for children with cancer for the National Children's Specialized Hospital 'OHMADET "in Kiev. The concert became a reality thanks to the idea of Olga Kudinenko and the project «Tabletochki», which it is organized. With the help of volunteers at the Kiev Institute of International Relations of the concert «Fireflies», all the funds from the sale of tickets have been spent on such essential medicines for children. As a result, the theater was able to collect their art 12,625 UAH. The actors of the theater was very glad to bring a contribution to the good work and once again draw attention to the problems of children with cancer in Ukraine.
Video report about the concert on the TV channel «Inter»: http://podrobnosti.ua/video/afternoon/2013/04/26/902133.html
Video report about the concert on TV TRK «Ukraine»: http://sobytiya.tv/ru/episode/26896/
March 2013 - The project of the world champion on belly dancing Anastasia Biserova Oriental Tale «Element», Moscow.
World champion in oriental dance in 2011 Anastasia Biserova long ago wanted to create something extraordinary and this desire has resulted in eastern fairy tale «The Elements». It was the first of its kind project in such a format. Gripping story, great dancers and stunning special effects! he project involved: ballet trio led Tatevik Bagdasarian and python show. Shadow theater Fireflies has also been invited to take part in this action. The «shadow» team collaborated with talented artist in genre sand animation and director of studio «SandARTist» - Marina Sosnina. For the first time put together and presented on the big stage these two exciting genre.
February 2013 - «Qatar Spring Festival» Qatar
Each year in the capital of Qatar - Doha passes annual festival «Quatar Spring Festival», which attracts artists from all over the world, in order to please the locals and tourists for its creativity as a sign of spring. Сonsidering the genre of non-standard and professionalism of Ukrainian shadow theater «Fireflies», these artists were among the invited teams. In front of the actors of the theater was a rather difficult task, as the country's culture different from the usual European. The audience was quite broad, ranging from small children to their parents and adults in general. As several days of pthaterformances showed that team successfully coped with the objectives, moreover prepared a special gift - a performance dedicated to the Fifa 2022 which will be held in Qatar. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGw-P0y8JmM
February 2013 - Project «Tvoya krajina», TV Channel 1+1
In February 2013 started TV project on 1+1 «Tvoya krajina». Its main task is to show the country people, who are doing something unusual, innovative in their city. It is unusual when ordinary Ukrainians, the characters of short stories, every day, several times broadcasted on the TV-channel during the promotional and informational blocks. The participants of the project were as from a million citizen city, and from the small provincial towns. Shadow Theater «Fireflies» had the honor to represent Chernihiv. Just in a few minutes promo video director revealed the essence of shadow theater «Fireflies», you can verify this by following the link:
Nowember 2012 - The awarding ceremony of the International Festival-Contest «Сhoice Of The Year 2012», Kiev.
Last year in November hosted the annual ceremony of awarding the best products of the year – «Сhoice Of The Year 2012». The atmosphere of the ceremony was quite friendly and joyful, winners were jubilant, losers sincerly congratulated them. Hosts were all favorite Snezhanna Egorova and Alexander Pedan. All the action was traditionally held in the Palace «Ukraine». Not only pop stars, but shadow theater "Fireflies" either came to to congratulate the nominees and winners. The team pleased the audience with the performance «Eurotrip» in which the main character was in the role of Alice in Wonderland. The audience was pleasantly surprised with such an interpretation of the famous fairy tale and a standing ovation accompanied the actors «Fireflies».
November 2012 - Day NUHT faculty of Energy, Kiev
Shadow Theater «Fireflies» will always be grateful student years primarily for his birth. So the actors of the theater is always willing to speak at events as their home university and others. So, «Fireflies» gladly took part in the festival evenings faculties of the National University of Food Technologies in Kiev. Total, the festival showed their creative skills 11 faculties of the university. Shadow play fortunate to be part of the evening presentation of the faculty of Energy. The play of «Euro Tour» performed by actors of the theater organically fit into the theme of the evening «Around the World in 90 Minutes» and gave a great start the concert. Students of the Faculty through song, dance and other forms of creativity were able to move the audience in different countries of the world and show their color. The festival jury closely followed all event. As a result, students of the Faculty of Energy was the fourth in this competition of talents. Well «Fireflies» glad that we could bring our own small contribution to the excellent result of a student team.
September 2012 - A multidisciplinary international festival of contemporary art «GogolFest», Kiev.
On the art factory in «Vidubichi» was an international multi-genre festival of contemporary art «Gogolfest». On the festival were presented a variety of genres from painting to music. The audience was pleased not only Ukrainian talents, but also the world's, such as the playwright Stanislaw Vitkatsi (Poland), Senza Sforzando, Margaret Leng Tan, Singleton, Megapolis Witches, MANDARINADUCK, Summer God Teachings, Deli Gomlegi etc. Shadow theater «Fireflies» also took part in this action. The team brought their 4 performances - the ones who conquered the audience on the TV show «Ukraine's Got Talent» and «Minute of Fame» and the Odessa International Film Festival. Artists «Fireflies» hit the applause, and the audience pleased the team with the attention to an unusual world of shadows.
September 2012 - Pre-party «Lviv Fashion Week», Lviv.
September 13 Shadow Theater «Fireflies» for the first time took part in the activities related to the national fashion industry. In a sunny Lviv held the official Pre-party, dedicated to the opening of the 10th anniversary season of Lviv Fashion Week. Event Guests could enjoy not only the fashion show in the open air of the Ukrainian designers, but also the numbers of the invited musicians, dance studio «Jazzy school» and of course the theater of shadows «Fireflies». Atmosphere of high fashion and style perfectly complemented the «shadow» of the history of Charlie Chaplin and the Euro tour performed by actors of the theater. The organizers and guests of the event did not hide the positive emotions of what he saw the unusual spectacle that showed «Fireflies» at the event.
Feedback on the event website at Lviv Fashion Week: http://www.lvivfashionweek.com/blog/zakryta-pre-party-lfw
July 2012 - The closing ceremony of Odessa International Film Festival III, Odessa.
For the first time in the history of the Odessa International Film Festival of his admirers and nominees observed not only for the works of famous film directors. As planned by the organizers of the award ceremony was opened by the show of Shadow Theater «Fireflies». Closure of this grand festival (live broadcast TV carried TRK «Ukraine»), began with the performance in the shadow of the arrival of Charlie Chaplin in Odessa and Odessa International Film Festival. Hall of the Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet thundered with applause to the team of shadow theater «Fireflies»! The winner of the Grand Prix at the International Film Festival competition in Odessa was the British film «Broken». The main prize got film «In the Fog» by Sergei Loznitsa. The second prize was awarded to the film co-production of the Balkan countries «Parade», the third - awarded to the film «The Sandman».
June 2012 - The project «Idea X» from Nescafe.
On June 15, 2012 in Kiev passed the final of the project NESCAFE Idea-X. For the first time in online ideas were defended by the «chosen» in three categories: creative, social and business. Сonsidering the creative direction of the shadow theater «Fireflies», he fought for the prize in the first category. Although the team failed to win the main prize at the realization of his dream - to represent Ukraine on the project «Britain's Got Talent», the theater announced himself to the whole country. A huge thank's to a competent jury (Oleg Mikhaylyuta (Fagot) - a group of TNMK, Denis Silant'ev - world champion, Olympic medalist in swimming, Maurizio Patarnello - CEO of Nestl in Ukraine and Moldova) for having listened with interest of our idea and give sensible comments.
May 2012 - International festival of children's and youth creation «The chestnut are blooming again», Kiev.
In May 2012, was the third regional selection of the International festival-contest «Chestnuts bloom again» (Kiev) at the International Festival «Salute talent». These qualifying rounds were held in many cities in Europe and the CIS: St. Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia), Paris and Cannes (France), Milan (Italy), Warsaw and Z akopane (Poland), Turku (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Siofok (Hungary), paragraph Aheloi (Bulgaria). Participants compete in such categories as: choreography, vocal works, instrumental creativity, theatrical art, visual art and original genre, and the winners are going to the super final in Moscow. Team Shadow Theater «Fireflies» pleased with the jury and the audience with his skill and acting. At the end of the festival actors were awarded the diploma of I degree in the category of original genre, and also received the main prize - the Grand Prix of the festival and the opportunity to represent Ukraine and its genre in the Grand Final.
April 2012 - Moscow intersectoral forum «Industrial Safety today», Moscow.
April 25, 2012 Shadow Theater «Fireflies» managed to visit an unusual event for themselves - the Moscow intersectoral forum in 2012: «Industrial safety today». On this day was held the ceremony of awarding the outstanding representatives of the industry. Awards were awarded to companies that have made a significant contribution to the industry, have implemented innovative projects that have achieved effective results and significant figures. All guests of the evening were waiting for a grand concert, which was attended by actors of the shadow theater «Fireflies». Also whole evening viewers could enjoy the music of the long time liked band «Neschastnui sluchai» and charge positive mood from humorous jokes of the «Uezdnui gorod».
Also on the event can be found on the Forum's website: http://2012.forumpb.ru/gala
December 2011 - Talent show «Minute of Fame» (Russia) Season 6
Well, it’s done! I mean, the long-awaited step towards the dream - performing in the semifinal of the famous TV show «Minute of Fame». Constant leading the project: Julia Kovalchuk, Alexander Oleshko and Dmitry Shepelev met shadow theater «Fireflies» with a broad smile. Actors of the Theater pleased the audience and the jury an exciting story with controversial subjects. On the one hand, they touched upon the theme of space, and on the other - the creation of the Earth, and even your own world. By the way, the jury has changed in some way: in addition to «veterans» of judging Alexandra Maslyakova and Larissa Guzeeva, the lawyer and statesman Pavel Astakhov and the pride of Ukraine, the world-famous boxer - Vitaliy Klitschko arrived to assess the artists. Incredibly pleased was to see his excitement after the show of the actors of «shadow» genre. The team «Fireflies» decided to reward Vital for it and donate part of their production - props as a flower. Although actors from shadow theater «Fireflies» has left the arena project - they also continue to create and to please their audience by performances.
December 2011 - Charity Festival «Golden Fenіks», the Mena (Chernihiv region).
December 3 in Mena (Chernihiv region) in the 16th time district House of hall culture of city residents gathered for the annual charity festival «Golden Phoenix». Shadow Theater «Fireflies» gladly accepted the invitation to show their creativity to the children - with disabilities, in whose honor and being organized this festival. The official part has been replaced by concert and the audience could enjoy the colorful dance numbers, listen to your favorite songs sung by young and adult singers, see the skills guys from the circus studio and of course some «shadow stories» from «Fireflies». Hall this evening was ever hospitable and took theater actors very warm. «Shadows» in their turn had great pleasure to share a piece of his energy and positive with young fans.
Photo/video report on the website of the Internet - portal "Our word»: http://nslovo.com/blog/zolotomu-feniksu-16-foto-video
November 2011 - Concert on the World AIDS Day, Chernihiv.
Since 1988, every year on December 1st the world marks World AIDS Day. This date is a reminder of the problem of the global spread of HIV / AIDS. Chernigov is never indifferent to the problem. This year, the activists of the social sphere organized in Chernihiv regional philharmonic center of festivals and concerts dedicated to this important day for all the people. Shadow Theater «Fireflies» enthusiastic about the social initiatives and tries as far as possible to take active part in them. If through creativity can attract people to the global problems - why not do it? The audience of the concert once again able to hear and think about the problem of AIDS, and those who touched this problem not by hearsay - got the necessary support, including from the actors - the performers.
September 2011 - Day Concert of city Chernigov.
September 24 Chernigov celebrates very important date - the day of the Great World War our hometown was liberated from the Nazi invaders. Each year, the Day of the city when there are held many thematic events, celebrations and gala concerts. Chernihiv lives the spirit of victory and pride. And of course, very pleased when there is an opportunity to give the city and its residents as a holiday gift their creativity. In 2011, the Shadow Theater «Fireflies» was invited to perform at a concert in Red Square. Main area of the city, despite a marked cooling of the evening, attracted a large number of of viewers who warmed the actors of the theater with applauses and support. «Fireflies» showed on stage for the first time at once three plays, but the premiere was more than successful. The audience had a lot of visual impressions, and another batch of theater experience and love of the townspeople.
September 2011 - Ethnic festival «Pechenіzke pole», Kharkov.
For years, the City of Kharkov conducting ethnic festival «Pechenіzke pole», which pleases it's organization and the idea. Traditionally, the festival you can taste national Ukrainian dishes, listen to folk motifs and see live favorite musical group. For the first time in the history of the festival legendary shadow theater «Fireflies» has pleased audiences. Once on the «pole» came darkness on the main stage began the play of light and shadow. The team showed «good old» tale about Aladdin. Exept «Fireflies» festival guests were also pleased by stars of Ukrainian show business, such as Lama, «Gaydamaky", «Selo i lyudi», headliners of the evening was a group «Druga Rika». Accompanying the audience in the evening - the hosts Andrew Domanski and Alexander Pedan.
August 2011 - Holiday concerts Miner's Day, Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region).
On the stadium «Shakhtar» in Pavlograd and on the stadium in Kirov, held a grand celebration program, dedicated to the Day of Miners of Ukraine. The event was organized DTEK Pavlogradugol and Komsomolets Donbas. On this auspicious day the actors from the theater of shadows «Fireflies» came to congratulate the miners. As a gift they brought with them so liked by the audience performance «The Tale about Aladdin», but with a peculiar change in the scenario. In one scene the main character Aladdin became a miner. Also, the musical congratulations to miners and their families gave a group of «Boombox», the singer Gaitan and Alyona Vinnytska, a duet Potap and Nastya Kamensky and Vitaly Kozlovsky.
July 2011 - «Palmira Fest», Yalta.
In early July, the Shadow Theater «Fireflies» managed to attend the celebration of the birth of the Yalta resort «Palmira Palace». Each year, in honor of this event kicks off an event called «Palmira Fest», in which the resort guests will find a lot of interesting events for adults and children: games and contests, entertainment, masterclasses, etc. In 2011, the theme of the sixth birthday of the resort became six secrets of Cleopatra. During the week of the festival Palmira Palace has opened to its guests the secrets of beauty, health, success and wealth. The final point of the festival was a great concert, which was attended by actors and shadow theater. Guests of the gala evening were able to enjoy not only the oriental flavor «Tale about Aladdin» performed by Shadow Theater «Fireflies», but also bright incendiary show of drummers, fire theater and music groups. Star guests of the evening were Olga Gorbachev and the band «Arctic».
June 2011 - Jubilee concert Novomoskovskaya circus studio «Alle-Up» 10 years, Novomoskovsk (Dnipropetrovsk region).
On the project «Ukraine's Got Talent» Shadow Theater «Fireflies» managed to acquire not only portion of professional experience and millions of viewers, but also a lot of creative friends. One of them, to be exact - the finalists of the project parkour team «DS Dynamics» - theatre was invited for a visit to their hometown Novomoskovsk (Dnipropetrovsk region) one month after the project. And the reason has turned up no joke - the circus studio «Alle-Up», where the guys for a long time were developing their skills, 10 years old! «Fireflies» gladly came to congratulate friends and head of the studio on the anniversary. As a result, the audience saw a lot of interesting plays from pupils of a circus studio, the staging of «Plasticine» performed by actors of the Shadow Theatre «Fireflies», performance dance trio «BFantasy» from Zaporozhye (also semi-finalists of «Ukraine's Got Talent») and of course the number of headliners and all our friends «DS Dynamics».
Video footage from the concert on the information portal «Novomoskovsk»: http://nmsk.dp.ua/atn/1419-alle-ap-jubiljary.html
May 2011 - Talent show «Ukraine's Got Talent» (Ukraine) Season 3.
Chernihiv has always been famous for their talents. On one of them in 2010 learned the whole country, when the Shadow Theater «Fireflies» took part in the TV show on the TV channel STB «Ukraine’s Got Talent -3». For the first of three seasons of the show the audience and judges saw the presentations of the representatives of the genre. In that year, as part of the judging committee were Vlad Yama (choreographer and dancer), Igor Kondratjuk (TV host, producer and showman) and Slava Frolova (Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist and filmmaker). The team was able to demonstrate two of their performances: «Plasticine» and «The Tale about Aladdin». The auditorium during the performance literally froze and completely immersed in the mystery of the game of shadows and light. Shadow Theater «Fireflies» will always be grateful for the start of this project and the opportunity to feel deeply the atmosphere of creativity and professionalism.
November 2010 - VII International Festival of Student Creativity «We are together», Bryansk.
The first serious competition, which actually proved defining for then still unknown Chernigov’s Shadow Theater «Fireflies» was the seventh International Festival of Student Creativity «We are together», the city of Bryansk (November 2010). It was the debut and how the team and as a genre. The festival was attended by 18 delegations from four countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Transnistria). After demonstrated play all people in the hall clapped standing, the jury said: «Thank you for everything we saw!». Shadow Theater «Fireflies» took first place in the «Theatrical performance», the participants of the theater received prizes in the categories «Vocal» and «Dance» and students from Chernigov received the Grand Prix of the festival.