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New Year's dream

Magical New Year's Eve is a time when dreams come true. A girl is waiting for a New Year's miracle, listening to quiet music of Christmas, accidentally falls asleep in front of the TV. Under a quiet New Year's melody winter wizard appears, Santa Claus. Seeing that the heroine is asleep, he leaves a gift under the tree and wraps her magic snowflakes. The girl turns out in the New Year's dream, in a fairy tale full of wonders. Her adventure begins, dreams become reality. Traveling on a small train, hot air balloon rides, a meeting with her ​​favorite animals. Continuous action of light and shadow makes the viewer, as an example of this girl, believe that miracles exist. The culmination of her dream to become a magical meeting with the prince, making her the happiest girl in the world. Waking up by of the ringing of bells, she opens a gift and a smile in her heart believes that all of this could actually be in a real life. Happy New Year!